Monday, 12 March 2012

Duke William's Fury

The kill was near, static prey in sight

The Duke could not withhold delight

White hart now locked firm in his view

Unaware of missile speeding through

The silent copse of Beech and mast

To it’s target now closing fast

Until the thunder of snorting destrier

Alerts the prey of danger near

Immediately darts to safety’s keep

Hidden from harm in thicket deep

Messenger dismounts in fear and alarm

Presents the Duke news from afar

With reddening face and veins ice blue

William screams, “This can’t be true!”

Edward is dead, Harold now King

Promises made don’t mean anything

Vengeance burning in his smouldering eyes

William’s fury fixed on his new prize

Capture the Crown from Harold’s hands

With God’s help he’ll make a stand

The hunt now over, invasion is planned

Men, horses and ships William will demand

Invasion is ready September 1066

A colossal armada of six hundred ships

Wait for the wind to blow in their favour

Crossing the Channel not many will savour

Nature relents as if signalling green light

The Normans are coming to take up the fight

Saxon navy is waiting to give them a blow

Norman fleet is harried their progress is slow

At last they arrive safely, camp on England’s shore

Anglo-Saxons in danger like never before

No welcoming army to send them back forth

Harold’s fighting the Vikings way up in the North

Normans build their defences and search the terrain

Plunder and pillage the name of their game

Harold defeats the Norsemen, so marches back south

His intention to give William a smack in the mouth

Tired Saxons meet invaders and get ready for battle

England’s Crown to be decided in a field fit for cattle

Both armies are fighting for honour and glory

The Battle of Hastings now that’s quite a story